Double Dribble celebrates basketball and the worldwide culture it has enriched. It has permeated into music, fashion, movies, video games; pop culture as a whole. 
Double Dribble is a brand that represents hoopers, amateurs and fans alike worldwide. It focuses on the core love and joy of the game. At times silly and irreverent but always respects the game.
Double Dribble exists to fill a space and to create a new fun, at times absurd perspective onto basketball culture. It dives into the past, present and future of basketball through a lens of pop culture, art, and design.
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Double Dribble is a cultural brand that does not adhere to the traditional fashion calendar; it follows the basketball calendar. 
The 22-23 Collection is the inaugural edition of the brand and has these following drop markers:
- Season Opener (October): 1st drop
- All-Star Week (February): 2nd drop
- Playoffs (April): 3rd drop
- Championship (June): 4th and final drop of the year
Double Dribble brand visualizer and video moodboard
Double Dribble video bumpers
Double Dribble launch invitation
Design and Art Direction: Albert Nguyen
Photography and direction: Yang Shi + JG
Models: Ishmail and Deneisha
Video concept: Albert Nguyen and Chanho Bang
3D animations: Tyrone Palmer
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