“From morning til late, all I wanna do is skate”

Elie Chap, who is Cambodian-Canadian, initiated this project in the Fall of 2020. He loves skateboarding and has always wanted to give back to the community. Since we had already worked together on some projects with Pumpui and Pichai Montreal, we thought it was a no brainer to join forces and release this tee.

Skateistan focuses on teaching and exposing kids to skateboarding in unfavourable areas of the world. All proceeds will go to their Cambodian chapter. We want to uplift Asian communities locally and internationally. The money raised will help them keep the lights on, get more decks and protective gear on hand to serve those kids.
All proceeds of this sale goes directly to Skateistan Cambodia via our good friends at Pumpui and Pichai.
Printed by: Elie Chap of Rouli Roulant Printing
Design: Albert Nguyen

Special thanks to Elie, Jesse and the whole Pumpui and Pichai family
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