SSENSE WORKS unites the SSENSE brand with cross-disciplinary creatives to design and develop collaborative products, content, and new narratives. As part of the SSENSE platform, SSENSE WORKS is a standalone product assortment and content extension that creates and builds a tangible legacy of creative collaboration—an active dialogue between SSENSE and its collaborators. It’s for all these reasons (and more) that SSENSE WORKS is proud to work with 88rising—a global media company that focuses on celebrating Asian talent, stories, and culture. Together, the two platforms span music, advertising, television, and fashion, bringing together a culturally attuned and truly global millennial audience. The collection references visual codes from 88rising and limited edition pieces celebrating the Lunar New Year, accented with shades of red and burgundy as a nod to the Year of the OX.
I was honoured with the task to design and art direct the graphic program for this line. 
Client: SSENSE
Design and Art Direction: Albert Nguyen
For 88 Rising
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